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BUILDINGS (2022) on YouTube

BUILDINGS (2022) | 3D Animation Comedy Short Film (Award-winning Pixar Parody)

A 3D animated comedy short film about buildings coming to life.  Inspired by Pixar films with a similar style to “Cars” and “Toy Story.”

3D Animation created in Autodesk Maya, Blender, and Cinema 4D.  

Audio produced in Logic and Pro Tools.


Tyrell Andrews

Pratima Mani

Dominick Nero

Sean Newman

Jesse VandenBergh

Written / Directed by Sean Newman and Jesse VandenBergh

Produced by Sean Newman, Jesse VandenBergh, and Dan Gregory.

3D Animation by Anaid Mekic

3D Modeling by Namik Suceska and Hamzah Hazmat

Rigging by Gaurav Garg

Rendering / Compositing by Nadir Heric

“Buildings Theme” performed by Brothers Brew.

Lyrics by Sean Newman and Ryan Howell.

Audio Design by Brian Chirlo

Special Thanks to Jake Barcus 

Official Selections Of:

Garden State Film Festival

Portland FIlm Festival

Coney Island Film Festival

Golden Door International Film Festival

New York Animation Film Awards

Austin Under the Stars Film Festival

Seattle Film Festival

Houston Comedy Film Festival

International Animation Festival

Georgia Comedy Film Festival

Austin Micro Film Festival

Kalakari Film Festival

Austin Comedy Film Festival

Burlington County Film Festival

Portland Comedy Film Festival 

Buildings” is an award-winning Frog Boyz Animation production. Frog Boyz is created by Sean Newman and Jesse VandenBergh.  



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