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Buildings wins 'Best Animated Film' at Georgia Comedy Film Festival

The Frog Boyz received a 'Best Animated Film' award for Buildings at the Georgia Comedy Film Festival this past week in Atlanta, Georgia on December 6, 2022. Buildings is a parody of the popular Pixar films like Cars and Toy Story based on inanimate objects coming to life.

Buildings debuted at the 20th Annual Garden State Film Festival in March 2022 and has enjoyed a run playing at such festivals as: Portland Film Festival, Seattle Film Festival, Austin Under the Stars, Austin Comedy Film Festival, Golden Door Film Festival, and several others. Buildings was also recently added as an Official Selection of the International Animation Festival slated for December 15-18.

Buildings stars Pratima Mani, Tyrell Andrews, Dom Nero, and the Frog Boyz. This film marks the Frog Boyz first foray into the 3D animation space. The film is produced by Sean Newman, Jesse VandenBergh, and Dan Gregory with animation by Anaid Mekic.


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